Thursday, June 26, 2008

new hobby

So I learned to knit today and it is ALL PENELOPE'S FAULT!!! She took me to Mosaic to "help her find some nice sock yarn" and ended up picking out needles and yarn for ME and then promptly took me home and sat me down. It felt dirty and wrong, to be giving in to her desires, but I did it anyway.

Since I am smarter than everyone else, I learned quickly and now I am sitting at my computer at 4 am seeing if I can make my scarf more interesting. Considering the loud and clashing-colored yarn that I picked, I think I want to keep the pattern pretty plain. But I am thinking about purling a few rows here and there to give it a nice box look. Windowpane? I don't know what it is called.

Curse you, Penelope. The soft feel of wool between my fingers; the surprise of new colors as I knit along; the never-ending possibilities of pattern and size; the potential to make mathematical models and fake fruit. Curse you.

And just in case you think I am being harsh, I want to post an excerpt from Penelope's blog to PROVE that this was all premeditated:

"[We] are going to Mosaic Yarn Shop where you will inhale yarn fumes and look at pretty colors and pick out exactly what you want. You might ask why I'm insisting on this. Well, it's because I really think that at some point you will break down and start playing with yarn like the rest of us, and if inhaling the yarn fumes helps move that process along, then it is worth all of the harassment."

Please note the the guise of the trip was for me to go to the shop with her so that I could pick out yarn FOR HER to make socks for me.