Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Creepy ass thunderclouds.

I swear the freeking thunderclouds know my plans. They listen to my thoughts. yesterday, I told the girls that we were going to go to the pool. And I came home and ate lunch and as soon as I told M, "hey go get my suit! Let's Go!" the freeking thunderclouds got together and said YEE HAW!! Let's ruin some plans!!!

THEN today. I finally finished unpacking and doing some laundry and thought (HERE IS MY MISTAKE) thought, hey, I should pick up the girls and then go to the pool. since it has been sunny and around EIGHTY all day.

Well look at the stupid radar:

Animate Map Storm Tracks Total Precipitation Show Severe Regional Radar





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Yep. see the clouds? THEY ARE TRACKING MY THOUGHTS!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Beach Travelogue

The following occured, but not in the order listed. This is just my train of thought:

Stayed near kitty hawk in a pink house: MUTUAL FUN #237


Nice veiw of the ocean. Off of the main road.

Went to Jockey's Ridge dunes for fun. Bought kites from Kitty hawk kites, went kayaking in Nags head on the sound side. Got two tandem kayaks and took the girls around for about and hour and a half. Drove down to Bodie Island and looked at the light house. Found a camp ground in the dunes. Went up the Currituck lighthouse. C and I rode our bikes up past Corolla and back. Drove as north as I could without going on the beach (tempting!!). Worried about the rats, since no one was given the job to feed them. Ate at Sugar Creek. Food sucked except for the crab cakes. The view was great though. Watched my uncle dale get married at the Roanoke Island Aquarium. Good idea. Danced in front of the shark tank all night. Went back to kitty hawk kites. Bought a trick kite (MINE!!!) and had LOTS of fun flying it erratically on the dunes. bought a straw cowgirl hat on the way home so that I can be cool like Jess. Walked on the beach a lot and found some shells, but nothing spectacular.Got a tan/burn on my belly FINALLY by floating around in the pool on a full length floaty. Heaven. Especially with my husband telling me how sexy I looked the whole time. And spent time with the kids reading, walking, kiting, kayaking, catching crabs, hugging, loving.

And since this was a reunion, I got to spend a lot of time with my mother's family, who I don't see much (last time was at my wedding, and that wasn't everyone). It was fun to see the kids all meet each other and like each other and beg to play together. Good to see my Grandma and Uncle Don, who are spry and fun despite being old as dirt. But the best part was listening to my aunt Judie try and try to talk in a hick accent and instead hitting about every accent in the US. She was switching from Massachusetts to southern black back to michigan faster than a pissed off diablo changes colors. All at top volume. It was a hoot.