Monday, December 31, 2007

holy crap i am awesome

wow. I am awesome. I was dusting the house (awesome thing #1) and was doing a great job! I decided that I would even dust inside the entertainment center thingy, which is thick with about 4 years of dust (not awesome). I am dusting away with the radio playing and all of the sudden the amplifier totally poops out. HOLY CRAP!

(ok. I don't know how much this thing costs. I have never asked. It came from some company that only makes things that I would never buy. All I know is it costs a frikkin lot. like probably four or five pairs of those boots that I wanted for christmaas.)

BUT! Do i freek out? No I do not! Because I am awesome! I went back there and checked all of the connections. I noticed that one plug had come out and that there was a nut on the shelf! a ha! I remembered that right after we bought the thing, a nut came off and something fell inside the amp. So am I afraid? No I am NOT! I got a screwdriver and *opened* that electronic thing with vaccuum tubes and one year of college tuition's worth of circuitry! I found the little doo hickey that had fallen off! I replaced the nut! I screwed it all back togther! I plugged in the missing dongle! HOORAY!

that's right. I am awesome. My husband will never know that I dusted apart his audio equipment. I am just that good!!


yesterday some people were talking aobut lights. I hate reading at night with a headlamp. I like this thing:

I have the big hardcover version of it. the only problem I have had with it is that the light came out the edges and into my husbands eyes. so I took a big fat sharpie to the edges and the problem was solved.

you should get one.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

here you geeky knitter people

I couldn't find the post about the vegetables, but Darcy claims to have seen that already. here is an excellent example of why women should be allowed to study "man" subjects:

boingboing has lots of other neat things, sometimes knitting related, and always more entertaining than this piece of crap time waster that I am writing.

wow this is awesome

I can just keep coming in here and contniue to broadcast how fikking hilarious my life is. so the girls made these little thingydoos out of polymer clay and asked me to bake them. funny thing one: I baked everything that they had on the tray, which meant that I baked a bunch of works in progress and even some globs of clay that had nbo work don to them at all. in other words, a turned large quantities of art supplies into trash in 20 short minutes.
funny thing 2: of the three things that WERE supposed to be baked, maggie claimed two and E claimed 3. so hilarios fighting ensued. apparently E had made some things FOR maggie, andf when they came out siad that they werfe hers. maggie took this to men that they were no longer gifted to her and got all sad. I think E was just trying to let me know that SHE had made them, not maggie. anyway in all the fighting, the best peice (a rose) got broken. I am super mom and have super powers. MY super power is KNOWING WHERE THE SUPERGLUE IS!!!!!!

funny thing 3: I fixed the flower. yay. I also glued my fingers together. I look like a hindu thumb is glued to my downward facing forefinger. so you can imagine that the "dinner" i just made must have been GREAT.

anyway. I am here typing again.

maybe if I keep coming in here and writing down everything that happens to me, i will have enough material for a book and then I can publish and retire. yeah right. I will burn out on blogging in about 3 days, no 4. no 3. well, 5 days after I go back to work. although there is some good material there too. hmmm... maybe if I start to look at my work frustrations as good blogging material, then I can get through the day a little better.

Yay!! I finally sweat through the glue. I am mortal again.....

ok. what the frack?

IT IS FRIKKIN CHRISTMAS TIME which means that everyone in my family has a new pile of crap to take care of and figure out where to put. *I* put my gift cards in my wallet, my new clothes in my clost, and all the chocalates in my secret chocolate stash area. MY HUSBAND, bless his precious wonderful soul, put HIS new shirts on the floor in the living room and left his gift card in teh silly little bag it came in and.... everything else is pretty muchright where he opened it. I mean, I littereally had to MAKE hime try on his new shirts. I really thougt he was just goingto leave them there forever. What the hell? and this morning, I spent about 2 hours just trying to get the playroom cleaned up enough to walk aound in. And this is the CURRENT toys. the old stuff. where the hell is the new stuff going to go?

oh frack. I need to make dinner....

another freeking stupid internet time waster where I put everything up about me and then only invite people who already know all of this to read it.

I frikkin love! I put in "belly dance" and now they are playing a fantastic little bhangra ditty.

oh my gosh. maggie wants to write "the end" with out my help but she doesnt know what a "t" is or any other letter except for the letters in her name. so how the hell am I supposed to tell her how to spell it? oh the commu nication gap between a 28 year old and a 4 year old. how long will it take to over come.

On the other hand, elizabeth and I just had a wonderfull hour together under her new canopy reading. just laying there, reading. silently. Suddenly in the middle of reading aobut how great Lewis and jefferson were, I got all teary and had to hug her. It was just so nice to be togeher doing our own thing, without needing eachother, but still enjoying being together. wonderful. better than i ever thougth motherhood could be.

ug. so work starts again soon. I feel like I have been so busy on break. Finally able to do all the things that I used to do regularly before I started working. like laundry and organizeing and relaxing and cooking and enjoying life. now I have to go back to doing all of that PLUS doing shit at work. If i could just come in a work on the crypto project only and nothing else, then I would be happy. Maybe I should be a grad student. maybe I should just be a mom again. whatever. this is stressing me out so i am not going to think about it right now.

grr. maggie just came and balanced the tape dispenser on my arm. if I quit typing it will fall. if I keep typing, my arm will fall asleep. ah there it goes. she needed the tape back. ok...

Well, i hope you enjoyed this. now I am going to go find some chocolate and eat it while doing laundry---bliss.

oh yeah, and my favorite solstice present was the door. it is the best present ever.