Friday, August 29, 2008

tie dye weekend

its tie dye weekend and I am not as enthused as I usually am. First, Cori isn't here. That sucks. Secondly, it is kind of rainy and icky out. Third, I have not been inspired recently, but I bought a huge sleeveless dress for myself from Dharma and I feel like I should do something with it. Fourth (ly?), I am tired and need to pay bills and do more laundry. Does that last excuse mean that I am a grown up?

BUT Liz and I plan to do some freezer paper stenciling this year, so that is getting me fired up a bit. Plus there is a bluegrass festival going on in Newport, right down the road, PLUS Liz has agreed to ride her bike with me so I don't have to be creative all day. I hope I remember to pack my bike. Remember brain. Geez. What? Stupid brain.

I spent most of my day in a FREEZER organizing goat and rabbit serum. This might not sound like fun, but it was. I had my iPod with Liz Phair, PJ Harvey, Justin Timberlake, Coldplay, and Balkan Beat Box going. So when I was in the freezer I could sing at the top of my lungs and when I was out of the freezer, I could dance in the excessive floor space we have at work under the guise of "warming up". Plus my new favorite coworker came to help out a bit and also my regular favorite coworker chatted me up on many occasions and also danced with me in the excessive floor space.

AND I also got to organize stuff, which I think is incredibly fun and rewarding and I love it and will sleep better becasue of it. I can hardly wait to get back to work on Tuesday to have at it again and this time I will even get to apply the shiny new labels that previously mentioned new favorite coworker gave to me!!! YAY! LABELS!!!

In summary, I seem to get off more on organizing serum than on expressing my creativity through dye.


Shoudl I be worried?

In other news:
old news, but freeking awesome: former boss is no longer with teh company--this is also contributing to my inappropriate happiness at work

I have lost a bunch of weight and feel awesome and happy, even though my pants keep falling off. (Ask me to tell you the story of trying to field the softball and my pants falling down. I know that the summary sounds funny, but I assure you, the entire story is WAY funnier than you can imagine.)

My kids are in school, so I can work without guilt.

And the stupid goddamned thunderclouds are watching me again. this was the last week of our pool membership, so I packed a bag and put it in my car and I guess the stupid freeking clouds SAW me, because it rained all week and we never got to have a final HOORAH! at the pool and also crap I just forgot until now that I told maggie we could have a playdate with E and O and eat the rest of her birthday cake (in freezer). Shit. Well, I pretty much suck as a mom these days, so whatever.

yeah. I should start typing late at night again. Not that it is late, but I am tired so let's pretend it's late. (Meanwhile all my neighbors are just now heading out to start their evenings. I am LAME AND OLD and I enjoy singing in a walk in freezer.)

I love you all and hope you find your own bliss...


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Three Theories on Why Mountain Lake is Dwindling

1. All the sand that they added to the beach over the years has settled into the underground springs and clogged them up.

2. As evidenced by the pools of tar I found, there are underground tar supplies that seep out and fill up the hole at the bottom of the lake. For some reason, probably global warming, the tar stopped oozing and now the hole is open.

3. When Patrick Swayze was filming Dirty Dancing, he left part of his soul in the lake. Now that he is battling for his life, the lake is also battling for its own. The only solution is for Patrick to die to release his soul completely and break the bond with the lake. Or get better and revitalize the lake through strengthening his soul.

What is your theory?