Friday, September 12, 2008

I am so not happy and very regretful.

ug. Ok, I am not as bad as the title sounds, but I just spent one and half hours driving EACH WAY to buy a very expensive serger (sewing machine). I was SO EXCITED. SO HAPPY!!! and then I put a huge chunk of stretchy fabric through it, bent a needle and broke a little metal part. within 20 minutes of turning it on. WHY WHY WHY did I play with it after tha long car ride with the kids? grrr.... I should have wited until tomorrow when I was fresh and calm and had read the manual. grr.....

meanwhile my pants still don't fit.

and then I went to the store to get new lipstick and forgot the nakme of the color and then got roped into uying a different color AND another tube of foundation. I also couldn't remember the # of foundation I use, so she sold me some 2, which apparently was made for vampires. I am not that pale in real life. Or maybe I *am* that pale, after I mangle a brand new expensive much needed machine.

I think I am going to go drink my bottle of lambic....