Sunday, March 23, 2008

wonderful trip

Happy Easta'!

While the girls are off getting high on peeps, I thought I would do a little trip report.

We just got back from DC. We left Thursday morning and got to the hotel around 1. They let us check in, so we dumped all of our stuff and sent to the nearby Metro station. We got $12 on a pass for each of us and headed to the Smithsonian stop. ON the way, E caught sight of the Washington monument. (that was the whole reason for the trip) and a few other landmarks. When we got off at the Mall, we headed to the Natural History Museum. We looked at mammals, then dinosaurs, then RAN to the bathroom int eh back of the cultures section. We stopped by the gem shop, where E and M got their first souvenirs. M got a collection of unfinished gems. E got an agate necklace. Then we all got kicked out because the place was closing.

So we headed back tot eh hotel and had a nice little dinner at a nearby restaurant. I had the avocado turkey burger with a salad bar. They had a great salad of apples, cranberries, and cream. yum. M had french fries. I don't know what the others had.

My feet hurt and I was tired. We went back to the hotel and waited for survivor to come on. It didn't. We should have gone to the pool, but we were all tired and we were reading books and laying around. so the girls got ready for bed and Craig and I stayed up and watched Lost.

end of day one!

now I have to go eat chocolate. So I will post this and leave the bare itinerary here. I will edit the post later to tell you more. Consider this an unedited trailer!

Day 2:
art museum
lunch at native american museum
aira nd space
gem section
wash monument
back to hotel
sefood buffet

Da 3:
bike shop
pbj in parking lot
dulles musum 4 hours
german restraunt

bogus bag checks
sweeping staris closed off.
museum the same
bad mother
getting lost
spenidn g money
metro rocks.

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