Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Today is my Birthday!

YAY! What a great day. Birthdays are so much more fun than I thought. ME DAY!! I got presents from coworkers and from my good good friend Liz (A HUGGGGGEEEEE chocolate bar!!!! HUGE!) and really nice heartfelt cards from my mom and great aunt. AND a new CD from my dad's friend, who hasn't sent me a gift in about 10 years! rock on! good times! and now craig will be home soon and I will finally figure out what the gift is. CLUES:

from bed bath and beyond
NOT in the kitchen, bathroom, or home decor sections
plugs in
is bigger than Digby, a little dog
lights up
can use it in the bedroom or living room
is used with food.

what the hell?

I was thinking it was some kind of kinky chocolate melter for body painting, but Elizabeth knows what it is, so that kind of rules out that guess....

Time to make a BIRTHDAY STEAK! Farewell!


Sheri said...

Happy Birthday Katherine! ~Sheri

Anonymous said...

Well, don't leave us hanging! What is it?