Tuesday, February 5, 2008

YOU SHOULD read this

Ok, so Last week we heard we were getting a new boss in about a month. This week, the powers decided to bump it up and give us a new boss RIGHT NOW! Of course this caused all sorts of trouble with the current boss (still here). And I am trying to impress the new boss and not be a jerk and all that stuff that you do when you have a new boss. So we were having a meeting this afternoon with the new boss, and I said some stuff that I felt was kind of pushing the line of professionalism (calling out old boss on lying and such). I was pretty worried about it, so I gave a ring to my work buddy to see if I had gone a little overboard.

No, she said, BUT.....

Aparently I started a lo t of my sentences toward the new guy with "You should.." as in, "hey, let me tell you how to do your job, new guy"

Now, this might not seem like such a big deal to you, but let me say, "You should..." goes WAAAAAAY back. Way Back.

At one point in my high school years, my BFF Deirdre would say "you should" all the time. It drove me nuts NUTS NUTS. I HATED being told what I should do. I confronted her about it once and she said.... she saidd..... She said that the reason she said that all the time is becaseu she picked it up from *me*. Horrors.


So I worked very hard to quell the "should"s.

So what did I learn today? Apparently when I get emotional and worked up and am not thinking clearly, the reptilian part of my brain reverts to commanding people around. How embarrassing.

Sometimes I wish my primative parts would say things like "wow. you are wonderful person" or "how can I help your life be better" or just make me start doing things like visiting old people.

grrr... Just one more thing I am hoping corrects itself by the time I turn 30.


K, E, & M said...

ok, as i re-read my own post I hear echoes of myself saying "you should" all the time. it is usually followed by "totally" as in the excited "you should totally do that!" when someone suggest something as fun and cool as say, knitting your own suit.

Oy my. Maybe this is worse than I thought.

Whatever. I am going to do my work tomorrow and hopefully keep my freeking mouth shut...

Anonymous said...

You should totally read Delilah the Demanding Duck dudette.


Penelope said...

Hmmm, I am well past 30 and have decided that my bad habits are here to stay. I'm impressed with your motivation to change. My dad once wisely told me "You make just as many mistakes and do the same dumb things as you get older, you just realize that you've done them sooner."

Mildly Helpful Darcy said...

Never fear! I've said some regrettable things to your new boss, and he tactfully "forgets" them. So stop kicking yourself, he's got so much on his plate right now I'm sure your transgression seems minuscule.

Dave said...

CRAP, I had no idea you weren't 30. Not that I think you look old o anything, but geez I thought you were closer to my age. Damn I feel old now!