Sunday, December 30, 2007

another freeking stupid internet time waster where I put everything up about me and then only invite people who already know all of this to read it.

I frikkin love! I put in "belly dance" and now they are playing a fantastic little bhangra ditty.

oh my gosh. maggie wants to write "the end" with out my help but she doesnt know what a "t" is or any other letter except for the letters in her name. so how the hell am I supposed to tell her how to spell it? oh the commu nication gap between a 28 year old and a 4 year old. how long will it take to over come.

On the other hand, elizabeth and I just had a wonderfull hour together under her new canopy reading. just laying there, reading. silently. Suddenly in the middle of reading aobut how great Lewis and jefferson were, I got all teary and had to hug her. It was just so nice to be togeher doing our own thing, without needing eachother, but still enjoying being together. wonderful. better than i ever thougth motherhood could be.

ug. so work starts again soon. I feel like I have been so busy on break. Finally able to do all the things that I used to do regularly before I started working. like laundry and organizeing and relaxing and cooking and enjoying life. now I have to go back to doing all of that PLUS doing shit at work. If i could just come in a work on the crypto project only and nothing else, then I would be happy. Maybe I should be a grad student. maybe I should just be a mom again. whatever. this is stressing me out so i am not going to think about it right now.

grr. maggie just came and balanced the tape dispenser on my arm. if I quit typing it will fall. if I keep typing, my arm will fall asleep. ah there it goes. she needed the tape back. ok...

Well, i hope you enjoyed this. now I am going to go find some chocolate and eat it while doing laundry---bliss.

oh yeah, and my favorite solstice present was the door. it is the best present ever.

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