Monday, December 31, 2007

holy crap i am awesome

wow. I am awesome. I was dusting the house (awesome thing #1) and was doing a great job! I decided that I would even dust inside the entertainment center thingy, which is thick with about 4 years of dust (not awesome). I am dusting away with the radio playing and all of the sudden the amplifier totally poops out. HOLY CRAP!

(ok. I don't know how much this thing costs. I have never asked. It came from some company that only makes things that I would never buy. All I know is it costs a frikkin lot. like probably four or five pairs of those boots that I wanted for christmaas.)

BUT! Do i freek out? No I do not! Because I am awesome! I went back there and checked all of the connections. I noticed that one plug had come out and that there was a nut on the shelf! a ha! I remembered that right after we bought the thing, a nut came off and something fell inside the amp. So am I afraid? No I am NOT! I got a screwdriver and *opened* that electronic thing with vaccuum tubes and one year of college tuition's worth of circuitry! I found the little doo hickey that had fallen off! I replaced the nut! I screwed it all back togther! I plugged in the missing dongle! HOORAY!

that's right. I am awesome. My husband will never know that I dusted apart his audio equipment. I am just that good!!

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Anonymous said...

Yea! Now I have another really fun site to read when I have insomnia. And this one makes me LAUGH!!!!!

I can almost forget I'm in TX : ) and back slummin' in your living room on a Thursday afternoon. Heaven....

So, what's your next trick , o exhalted goddess of electronics??

Ciao! (Guess who)