Sunday, December 30, 2007

ok. what the frack?

IT IS FRIKKIN CHRISTMAS TIME which means that everyone in my family has a new pile of crap to take care of and figure out where to put. *I* put my gift cards in my wallet, my new clothes in my clost, and all the chocalates in my secret chocolate stash area. MY HUSBAND, bless his precious wonderful soul, put HIS new shirts on the floor in the living room and left his gift card in teh silly little bag it came in and.... everything else is pretty muchright where he opened it. I mean, I littereally had to MAKE hime try on his new shirts. I really thougt he was just goingto leave them there forever. What the hell? and this morning, I spent about 2 hours just trying to get the playroom cleaned up enough to walk aound in. And this is the CURRENT toys. the old stuff. where the hell is the new stuff going to go?

oh frack. I need to make dinner....

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