Sunday, December 30, 2007

wow this is awesome

I can just keep coming in here and contniue to broadcast how fikking hilarious my life is. so the girls made these little thingydoos out of polymer clay and asked me to bake them. funny thing one: I baked everything that they had on the tray, which meant that I baked a bunch of works in progress and even some globs of clay that had nbo work don to them at all. in other words, a turned large quantities of art supplies into trash in 20 short minutes.
funny thing 2: of the three things that WERE supposed to be baked, maggie claimed two and E claimed 3. so hilarios fighting ensued. apparently E had made some things FOR maggie, andf when they came out siad that they werfe hers. maggie took this to men that they were no longer gifted to her and got all sad. I think E was just trying to let me know that SHE had made them, not maggie. anyway in all the fighting, the best peice (a rose) got broken. I am super mom and have super powers. MY super power is KNOWING WHERE THE SUPERGLUE IS!!!!!!

funny thing 3: I fixed the flower. yay. I also glued my fingers together. I look like a hindu thumb is glued to my downward facing forefinger. so you can imagine that the "dinner" i just made must have been GREAT.

anyway. I am here typing again.

maybe if I keep coming in here and writing down everything that happens to me, i will have enough material for a book and then I can publish and retire. yeah right. I will burn out on blogging in about 3 days, no 4. no 3. well, 5 days after I go back to work. although there is some good material there too. hmmm... maybe if I start to look at my work frustrations as good blogging material, then I can get through the day a little better.

Yay!! I finally sweat through the glue. I am mortal again.....

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Anonymous said...

Danger Danger!
Always avoid posting too much about work on the internet... It is a fast way to trouble.