Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Oh happy day. everyone was in such a great mood. it was actually fun to be there again! Yay

But now I am freezing. I guess I could turn the heat up...

I had this great plan to get a bunch of stuff done today, but the few things I have done took longer than I thought. i went ot petsmart (is that Pet's Mart or Pet Smart, whatever, it isn't zooquatic which screwed me over and didn't make things right and so now after 15 years of buying stuff and defending them, I am shopping at a big box store. GRRRR Jonathan! How could you????) and got a running wheel for lusee and food for her and the fish. Lusee is completely mystified by the wheel and seems to have no interest in actually running in it. At the moment she is sleeping on top of her water bottle-her favorite spot.

well, now she is awake becaseu M came in screaming. She is very excited about the chicken she njust drew. Here it is:

gotta admit, it is a pretty kickin' chicken!

and THEN!! I tried to call Bits and Peices, which sold me an overpriced, BROKEN, peices-missing, rushed before christmas Mah jong set. I ordered it for my mother in law (who is an awesome wonderful person) and IT SUCKED. I gave it to her anyway, just to show her that we got SOMETHING for her and I have been dealing with the stupid customer service ever since. i mean, COME ON! I got a new set off of frikkin EBAY the sketchiest place in the internet, and I paid for it and got it and gave it and gave reviews on it and in the meantimes stupid bits and peices can't even frikkin refund my frikkin MONEY. hell, they can hardly answer the phone. geez. I hate buying stuff that disappoints me. grrr.

so anyway. not is is almost 4 and I have done a total of TWO THINGS. That is NOT productive. I am going to go make the Amish bread soon, which smells gross and fermenty and bubbles and has milk in it and has not been in the fridge ever. if you want some starter, leave me a comment. i have enough to share with three people. i know you all want some rotten milk bread!!!! YUM! SWeriously, though it is supposed to be good and it came from Jean C, so I am willing to give it a try, at least.

ok. I am going to go turn up the heat / stand near the oven.

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Penelope said...

I loved all of your posts. The amish bread sounds cool. I'd like some starter to try making it too, but I won't be able to get it from you until Banquet weekend. Let me know if that works for you.