Monday, January 7, 2008

knees and other body parts

Ok. It i sjanuary and like 70 degrees outside, so I went and did what most other free people did this afternoon--went to the huckleberry. YEAH! Last month, Maggie and I made the huge purchase of a tag along bike for her, esentially making my bike a tandem. Today was our second ride, and we totally kick ass. It was awesome. Everytime we get to a hil I say PUSH IT MAGGIE PEDAL HARD, and man, does that girl do it! ZOOM! It was great. We probably only went about 4 miles, but that was enough for my poor knee.

What the hell, you may say, why your knee? And to that I say yes, why? It should be my ankle hurting. That is what my medical records would indicate! I have no idea why my knee hurts, but it does,. I tmight have some thing to do with the bellly that I am carrying around... When I bike, my belly is literally laying on my thighs. Frikkin gross. I am rethinking my whole "new years aspirations" thing. Maybe I shoudl try to lose some weight. hmmm... Maybe I should try to exciereiceis excersize exsercise ug excersise every day. that would be nice. I can do that. So far so good. Day 1 - CHECK!

I am going to start taking belly dance clesses again on Wednesdays jsut for the hell of it. Plus I meet now with my troupe on Mondays, so that is two day staken care of right there. only 5 more to consider!

Craig has just interrupted my train of thought with this video:

Now I can't rembmer where I was going, and it sounds like E is home off the bus any way... So watch the video and be entertained....

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait to go biking with you and Maggie :-) Nice video too. Let's go to the thrift shop and find some things to decompose!